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April 19, 2009

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O.K., we’ve all heard about how the whole man-made “global warming” controversy could be a fraud. First “experts” say man is causing global warming, then many of the same experts say, ” Oops, we were wrong and maybe we tampered with the data a little.” What is one to believe? What is one to do?

This book foresaw the solution to that problem before it even presented itself! The following excerpt says it all:

“•If you believe that global warming is occurring and that  CO2 contributes to it, then it is your responsibility as an inhabitant of this planet to do all you can to fight this phenomenon, beginning with your own personal choices. This book can help you make a significant contribution to the environment and save hundreds, perhaps thousands, of dollars in the process.
•If you believe that global warming is not occurring, or that  CO2 emissions really don’t matter, this book will still help you save a significant amount of money by following some simple, easily accomplished steps. If you are right, no harm is done, and you are that much richer. If you are wrong, you’ve hedged your bet, made the right choices anyway, and profited. Those who do believe cannot fault you.”

The Midwest Book Review says:

“You don’t have to spend more to be greener. In fact, it is the opposite. “Fight Global Warming and Save a Bunch of Money” is a guide to combining an ecologically-friendly lifestyle with being a penny pincher. These tips help reduce one’s impact on the environment on the cheap, as well as providing inexpensive alternatives for many everyday things. “Fight Global Warming” is the perfect acquisition for anyone interested in going frugally green.”

Definitely worth a read!